swissonor phono pre-amplifiers

Separate elements of SWISSONOR's integrated series amplifiers "AM Module- System" and "V.S.O.P." are now available, by popular request, as individual components. Due to careful cable-routing and the integrated SWISSONOR # 12.0 line cable, the sound result is convincing.


The mechanical structure, with its cast-iron chassis and decoupled aluminum plates is significant and shows SWISSONOR's claim for high quality.


Hand made in Switzerland!


Please use this link for an overview of SWISSONOR pre-amplifiers. 


Modell PPP-PP    Hashimoto HM-3 MC step-up + phono pre-amp                        2'150 CHF 

Modell PPP          Hashimoto HM-3 MC Step-up transformator                              1'520 CHF

Modell PP            Phono pre-amp with passiv RIAA equalizer                                    980 CHF

Modell P              Passive-Line pre-amplifier                                                                      740 CHF


SWISSONOR pre-amplifiers are not available as Shop-products, please place your order or your inquiry by email.


*Pictures below are showing model PPP with Hashimoto HM-3 transofmers