SME 3009 s2 unimproved

with original box !


Beautiful SME 3009 S2 unimproved tone arm. As you can see from the pictures below, this arm has been completely disassembled.


Before assembling, all parts were carefuly cleaned. For smooth operation of the queing mechanism, the silicone fluid of the dashpot has been changed. Worn out or defective parts like the most common dryed out counter-weight decoupler grommets have been replaced as well as the bed plate grommets. The old and brittel headshell wires have been replaced by brand new set of pure silver wires.


Original SME interconnect cable with new SME RCA connectors. Even by todays sound-standards, the shielded SME cable is still easily keeping up with modern design "high-end" cables.


This is a super clean tone arm, technically and visually in excellent, near mint condition. Finding an SME 3009 in this outstanding condition and even with original box is next to impossible today. 

SME 3009 S2 unimproved S/N 84611

SME 3009 S/N 84611

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