thorens td 124 mKi


Legendary fist series TD 124 MkI from 1959 in amazing condition.

It comes with a fully restored Ortofon RS-212 tone arm and matching

Ortofon SL-15 MC cartridge.


This particular turntable went through a complete technical and optical restoration. The original chassis paint is in exceptional condition with only

minimal signs of wear.


In addition to our very complex full-restoration, we also rebuilt the main bearing, the extremely difficult to rebuild stepped-wheel bearing and we also istalled a brand new N.O.S. genuine Thorens idler wheel.


This Thorens is ready to play instantly, plug & play ! 



  • Very detailed restoration with many new parts
  • Fully restored ORTOFON RS-212 tone arm
  • New SWISSONOR interconnect cable
  • New N.O.S. genuine Thorens idler wheel
  • New semi gloss black console with ORTOFON badge (removable)
  • New semi-gloss black tone arm board
  • Copies of TD124 and ORTOFON instruction manuals
  • Wordwide operation, 100-250 V 

For detailed restoration process description please see our 
full-restorations" section.



For detailed restoration process description please see our 

"full-restorations" section.



We carry a selection of various mains plugs (US, parts of Asia, GB, Europe)

and we can do all voltage settings for you in advance in order to make your

start-up as easy as possible.


Please contact us for any additional questions regarding this beautiful TD124