sme tonearms

In the early 60's, SME tonearms became more and more popular. The Thorens factory recognized that very quickly and offered the option to order new TD124's with factory-equipped SME tonearm's instead of standard arm's like BTD 12S, TP14, etc. 


SME 3009 and 3012 tonearms are legendary and an excellent choice for your Thorens, they can be combined very well with various vintage or new production MM / MC pick up systems.  


Today, SME tonearms are still popular and desired. The demand for vintage SME arm's is growing year by year. That's no surprise....It's probably one of the most popular arms ever made! Thus, SME's advertising slogan has been called for decades "the best pick up arm in the world" .... without exaggeration.


We're offering a variety of SME tonearms. Each arm has been carfully revised

and is ready to use immediately.


Matching tonearm boards with SME cut-out's can be found here.


You have a SME tonearm and need a repair? Please ask for an offer 

currently available tonearms

*Pictures below are showing a before / after restoration of a SME 3009 tonearm