SHURE SME 3009 s2


Restored and extremely rare SHURE SME 3009 S2  tone arm in exceptional condition.


This is a fully original tonarm, consisting entirely of orignal SME parts. It's not one of those tinkered-together tone arms you would usually find on the www. 


SHURE SME tone arms were made in very small numbers during a collaboration of both renowned companies in the early 1960's.


This particular tone arm went through a complete overhaul.

After complete disassembling of the tone arm all parts were cleaned, the decoupling rubbers of the counterweight were replaced, all contacts were cleaned, the silicone fluid of the queing mechanism re-filled and vertical-bearing play re-adjusted. The base plate rubbers have also been replaced.


Technically and optically, this tone arm is in outstanding condition.


It comes with it's original SHURE SME labeled headshell, new set of headshell cables, original SME interconnect cable, original additional rider weight, original SME base plate screws and matching allen keys.


Don't miss out this rare opportunity....