TD124 adapter-board

Brand new adapter-board kit for the installation of a second tone arm on your TD124. Engineered and made in Switzerland !


This high grade stainless-steel adapter fits without any changes to the TD124 chassis or the console. It simply attaches to the two rear threaded rods for the height adjustment thumbscrews using the included nuts. 


The adapter is suitable for all regular 9, 10 and 12 inch tone arm boards.


IMPORTANT: for tone arms with a slide-base such as SME or some Ortofon arms the overhang can be easily adapted to the new installation position.

For tonearms without slide-base (with fixed hole in the tone arm board), the hole must be re-drilled slightly offset.


We also supply new tone arm boards with drill-outs of your choice. 


Our kit comes with all parts needed for the conversion, including illustrated installation instructions.

TD124 Adapter-Board Kit

Adapter-board kit for Thorens TD124

Adapter-board kit for Thorens TD124

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