non-magnetic main platter # 1.0


the latest and improved version of the platter is available now


SWISSONOR main platter - indispensable when using MC systems such as Ortofon SPU or similar models. 


Please read below the manufacturer's description:


Material  :  Ni-Resist T2 (proprietary produced) precision machined
Finishing  :  Bare metal with yellow/black stroboscope ring (33/45/78 T)
Weight  :  5.5 kg
Origin  :  100% Swiss Made
    Ready for replacement of the original (ferromagnetic) main platter, using only a screwdriver. Don't forget to readjust the stylus pressure (there is no magnetic attraction anymore...)! You can use any kind of moving coil cartridges, even the ones with the most powerful magnet assemblies.
Avoids magnetic attraction and interference between cartridge and platter, maintains high mass and damping of the original platter (platters in aluminium, bronze and Inox will resonate like bells and should be avoided).
The audible difference is quite incredible. This is a really major upgrade of your Thorens TD 124 MK I or MK II :
      -   Soundstage +++
      -   Sound image stability ++
      -   Dynamic range +
      -   Bandwidth ++
      -   Rumble and groove noise   ---


SWISSONOR # 1.0 non-magnetic main platter

 Including mounting instructions

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