NEW    Our latest vintage speakers entry:

              ROGERS LS 3/5 A  BBC  monitor speakers 

NEW    Brand new adapter-board kit for the installation of a second tone arm

              on TD124                         

NEW    Many useful items in our new "Acessories" section


NEW    Swissonor B.A.C.H. 12d (iron-grey finish), ready for listening in our shop


NEW    The new SME spare parts section contains many NOS as well as

              remanufactured spare parts for SME 3009 / 3012 S2

              improved and unimproved tone arms

              Get your hard to find parts from one single source !


NEW    We have expanded our selection of  NOS and reproduced spares

              for Thorens TD124 as well as other TD types

              Please visit our Thorens spare part shop 


NEW    Our PS2 Power Supply is now also available in black


NEW    As of now, we are official ORTOFON sales partner

           and offer the entire range of Ortofon products

             Please inquire for prices and availability 


NEW   "Audio Insider Hifi shop" is our new sales partner for

             Thorens TD124 in Zurich city                                                                                    

             Enjoy listening a fully restored Thorens TD124 along with latest      

             Accouphase components. Listening pleasure is guaranteed !