SME 3009 s2 improved


Restored SME 3009 S2 improved tonearm. Technically and visually in excellent, "near mint" condition.


For a long time, SME tonearm's with non-detachable headshells were less popular than versions with removable headshells. Wrong, as today's trend proves. The arm is ideal for users who want to have their pickup system permanently mounted and do not often want to experiment with different



This arm has been completely disassembled. Before assembly, all parts were cleaned, the silicone oil of the tonearm-lift has been changed.

As replacement for worn or defective parts, we strictly use original SME

spare parts.


This arms comes with an original SME tonearm cable and a set of original SME bedplate mounting screws.

SME 3009 S2 Improved S/N 151293

CHF 890.00

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