thorens td 124 mKiI drive


Completely restored TD124 MkII with original packaging.


This particular drive comes from the first owner. The time CD was introduced in the early 80's, the owner decided to take the TD out of service.

The deck has been neatly packed then safely stowed away for decades.


After almost 40 years, the Thorens has come to life again with a complete overhaul. It's technically in perfect condition and shows only minimal signs of use.


TD124's in this condition are an absolute rarity today. Originally packaged turntables like this particular one are next to impossible to find anymore.


Included is an undrilled original Thorens tone arm board, which was in the box and apparently never has been used. Also included is the original operating instructions booklet, an tone arm installation template and a label with assembly instructions.


Upon request, we can complete this TD with a corresponding console, tone arm and cartridge of your choice. Contact us for an offer


This turntable will work WORLDWIDE 100-250V


We carry a selection of various mains plugs (US, parts of Asia, GB, Europe)

so we can do all voltage settings for you in advance in order to make start-up

as easy as possible.


Please contact us for any additional questions regarding this unique TD124