thorens td 124 mKi


Fully restored, very early and saught-after first series Version from 1958 !


Finding one of these early production TD124's in such perfect technical as well

as optical condition became next to impossible today ! 

This particular example shows only minimal signs of use.


Early versions are easily recognized by the right-angled chassis in the area of the tone arm board mount, where later models got a 45° bevel in this area.

Another specific feature is the dark green main-platter.


This offer contains the drive, the repainted original Thorens console and a new tone arm board and is aiming to customers who wish to use their own tone arm.

Upon request, we will be happy to do the tone-arm drill out for you.


Alternatively, we also offer a selection of vintage SME or original Thorens tone-arms like BTD12 or TP-14 to complete the turntable. 


This particular drive underwent an extensive full-restoration and is working

flawlessly. Still original chassis paint, carefully polished and sealed.

It shines like new. 


The stepped wheel bearing, well known as a source of annoying noise, has been rebuild and a new idler wheel has been installed. The old nylon bushings of  the main bearing have been replaced to the newer model's sintered bronze bushings.

We also converted the motor suspension to the later and acoustically improved MkII version. 


This TD124 will work world wide !


We provide a variaty of different power plugs and can do the correct voltage settings for you.


Please contact us for any additional questions regarding this beautiful TD124

Thorens TD124 MkI, S/N 6172

Thorens TD124 incl. original console and new tone arm board

Thorens TD124, S/N 6172

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