plinths & Tonearm-boards

Riverside Audio plinth's for the TD124 are handcrafted in very small quantities by a small family-owned carpenter shop with decades of experience in demanding customer requirements.   


The main requirement of our plinth's was from the beginning the authenticity, so the type ST-104 consoles were reconstructed 100% true to the original and after Thorens factory drawings down to the smallest detail.


The www offers a variety of plinth's for the TD124, but most of them in very modest quality and light-years away from the complex and complicated to produce original design. 


Our black plinth's are made just like the original's of very long stored and dried beech wood, then elaborately painted black semi-gloss paint.


Plinth's are also available in French oak and American walnut.


We use semi-hard rubber feet's, instead of the original hard plastic feet's.

Your turntable will benefit of much better decoupling.


All plinths are coming with rubber feets and mushrooms included.