thorens td 124 mKi


 Completely restored and very early first series MkI version from 1958 in very unique, near mint condition. 


The very early versions can be recognized by the right-angled chassis in the area of the tonearm board. Later models got a 45° slant in this area. Another feature is the dark green main platter and the main bearing with nylon bushings. 


This particular TD124 comes from the first owner, who had upgraded the Thorens BTD12 tone arm in 1962 against an SME 3009 tone arm. 


The turntable was extensively restored, all bearings were replaced. Parts of the motor, as well as all other steel parts were newly galvanized.


The chassis received a repaint and now shines as new. The original Thorens console was also repainted during the restoration . 


The SME tonearm was completely disassembled, each part cleaned and repolished. The original tonearm wiring (internal wiring) as well as all rubbers and decoupler-unit were replaced.


The SME tone arm is equipped with a brand new Ortofon 2M black MM cartridge. The combination in conjunction with the TD124 harmonizes perfectly and sounds absolutely amazing. 



  • Very detailed restoration of the turntable drive with a lot of new parts
  • Newly painted chassis in original Thorens color
  • Newly painted original Thorens console in black satin finish
  • New tonearm board in black satin finish
  • Completely refurbished SME 3009 S2 "unimproved" tone arm
  • New Ortofon 2M black cartridge  
  • All metal parts galvanised

Detailed information about our complete restorations can be found here


This TD124 is ready to play instantly  ! It will work world wide (100-240V)


We provide a variaty of different power plugs and can do the correct voltage settings for you.


Please contact us for any additional questions regarding this beautiful TD124