At Riverside Audio, "restored" is not just a phrase, meaning a drop of oil here and there and simply installing some pretty looking shiny rather means that each table we receive for a restoration undergoes an extensive and elaborate process, done by skilled people who know Thorens. 


Each restoration is also followed by measurements and a long trial period under normal listening conditions.


The steps below illustrate a typical standard-restoration process based on   model TD124

  • Inventory and, if possible, test run and input-measurement
  • Disassembling of all parts down to the raw chassis
  • Cleaning of all disassembled parts
  • Motor revision with modification of motor-mounts to MkII version
  • Clearance control of main-platter bearing                                                      machine-polishing of main-bearing bushings and spindle                    assembling of main bearing using a new main bearing kit
  • Checking the idler-wheel for concentricity and, if necessary, machine-grinding of outer diameter to an accuracy within 5/100mm                                    polishing of idler-wheel center bushing
  • Checking motor-pulley and step-wheel and polishing running surfaces          of both parts
  • Cleaning and clearance-check of the two step-wheel bushings

  • Checking the aluminium top-platter for possible damages and            removing (if possible) small scratches of outer diameter surface

  • Cleaning and sealing the rubber mat

  • Main switch: cleaning of contacts and installing a new switch suppression  capacitor 

  • Cleaning the chassis, followed by polishing and sealing, using high-grade    SWISSVAX products
  • Assembly of all parts 

  • Adjustments according to factory requirements

      Typically used new parts for a standard-restoration, based on model TD124

  • E50 motor revision kit
  • E50 motor suspension-upgrade kit
  • Rubber belt
  • Nylon washer for idler-wheel
  • Hard-PVC thrust plate for step-wheel
  • Main bearing repair kit
  • Brake pads for clutch lever, set of 3 pcs.
  • "Thorens" chassis sticker
  • Switch suppression capacitor (main switch)
  • power cable and new mains plug
  • new screws (if necessary)

We also offer restorations for other TD's, please inquire for an estimate


Pictures below are showing a completely disassembled TD 124 MkII before / after a full-rebuild