Riverside Audio is an authorized SWISSONOR retailer. We stock a selection of upgrade parts, mainly for the TD 124 such as the  well known non-magnetic main platter, the aluminum top platter or the main platter bearing.


Other SWISSONOR products are also available. Please inquire



Currently ready for listening in our shop:


Thorens TD124 MkII with following upgrade parts:

Swissonor TA-10 tone arm

Swissonor non-magnetic platter

Swissonor aluminium top-platter

Swissonor main bearing

Swissonor console

Ortofon SPU Century 

Ortofon SPU Royal GM MkII cartridge


Phono MC-preamplifier:

Swissonor model PPP-PP with Hashimoto step-up transformer



Swissonor AM 6221  modular tube amplifier with 6V6 tubes

Swissonor V.S.O.P. Tube amplifier with 6V6 tubes

Swissonor RS amplifier

Swissonor  P  passiv-pre-amplifier



Swissonor B.A.C.H.  8d  iron grey

Swissonor B.A.C.H. 12d  iron-grey

Swissonor Contra C10 active subwoofer


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