Riverside Audio is an authorized SWISSONOR retailer. We stock a selection of upgrade parts, mainly for the TD 124 such as the  well known non-magnetic main platter, the aluminum top platter or the main platter bearing.


Other SWISSONOR products are also available. Please inquire



Currently ready for listening in our shop:


Thorens TD124 MkII with following upgrade parts:

Swissonor TA-10 tone arm

Swissonor non-magnetic platter

Swissonor aluminium top-platter

Swissonor main bearing

Swissonor console

Ortofon SPU Century 

Ortofon SPU Royal GM MkII cartridge


Phono MC-preamplifier:

Swissonor model PPP-PP with Hashimoto step-up transformer



Swissonor AM 6221  modular tube amplifier with 6V6 tubes

Swissonor V.S.O.P. Tube amplifier with 6V6 tubes

Swissonor RS amplifier

Swissonor AM 6441 integrated amplifier with 300b tubes

Swissonor AM 1441 amplifier with 300b tubes


Swissonor P  passiv-pre-amplifier



Swissonor B.A.C.H.  8d (white)

Swissonor B.A.C.H. 12d (iron-grey)

Swissonor Contra C10 active subwoofer


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