thorens td 124 mKi BLack

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Very unique and completely restored TD 124 MkI with desired SME 3009 S2 unimproved tonearm and Pickering pick-up system. It's a very late MkI version, dating to late 1962 / early 1963.


Technically and optically in near mint condition ! 


Inspired by the special "wrinkle finish" coatings of amplifiers, measuring instruments and many other devices from the 60's, we decided to paint this

124 also in this very unique color. This TD124 is an absolute eye-catcher !

  • New chasssis paint
  • Very detailed restoration with many new parts
  •  New console in silk gloss black
  • New tonearm-board in silk gloss black
  • Completely redone SME 3009 S2 improved tonearm
  • Original SME internconnect cable
  • Vintage Pickering XV-15 pick-up system with new stylus

For detailed restoration process description please see our 

full-restorations" section.


Please contact us for any additional questions regarding this beautiful TD124.